Getting To Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste

Costa Rica has two places called Playa Hermosa (Hermosa Beach), one is located in Puntarenas province and the other one is where Hotel Bosque del Mar is located. Our Playa Hermosa belongs to Guanacaste province and we are right in the North Pacific coast.

Almost any general map you have during your trip in Costa Rica will be useful to get to Guanacaste. Many road signs are located everywhere through this province and easily you can get to its main city Liberia or any other place you want to. If you are coming from other side of the country or are planning to arrive to Liberia International you have two ways to get to Bosque del Mar: Route #1 Guardia - Playa Hermosa and Route #2 Sardinal – Playa Hermosa. Both of them are well described and showed by interactive maps; feel free to print this section to help you get to us.

Both ways are around 30 minutes but right now the road on Route A: Guardia- Playa Hermosa is in better conditions.